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Dec. 9, 2010
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  • heat4212 commented on GracieLess's instructable Webelos Career Arrow5 months ago
    Webelos Career Arrow

    I am working on this now and it's coming along nicely. I made two little changes though that are making it a bit easier for me:1) I am using scotch tape instead of glue which means it is much easier to adjust as I go (or unwrap the whole thing if I don't like it once I am done without wasting an arrow). 2) I am also using one long piece of black floss and not cutting it. I started by taping about 3/8" of the black and yellow/Bobcat floss along the back of the arrow in such a way that the ends will be covered -- you only need a tiny sliver of tape. Then I made two wraps of the black thread keeping the yellow out of the way. Then I crossed the yellow over the black making a 90 degree turn with the black (if you cross them right, the yellow will hold black in place so it doesn't unwind). Then I pulled the black thread taut along the back of arrow shaft and held it in place with a small temporary piece of tape on the arrow-head. (This keeps it from wrapping around the arrow while adding the other colors). Once I finished wrapping yellow, I un-taped black and made the same 90 degree crossover as before and twisted the black around twice. I started the next color with a small piece of tape (covering up the yellow end up as well and then cutting off the excess), and started the process again. Be sure to tug the black floss every now and again as you cover it because it wants to drift around to the front. Not having to cut the black over and over and mess with glue is making this project much neater to deal with and so far the tape is all covered. I might have to glue the end, but by then I will know whether I am happy with the finished product or if I need to adjust. I'll add pics once I am done. Thanks for the Instructabale! Embroidery floss is much more affordable than beads, but way nicer than tape (and neater than paint).

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