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I am a wife, mother of three adults and grandmother their ten children. I like to crochet, sew, read, do crafts, and use recycled objects to make things that I find online. I have arthritis that makes it difficult to do all the things I like, but I still try (except for embroidery.) It just takes a lot longer than when I was young.

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  • heidigail commented on Paige Russell's instructable Best Stain Remover5 months ago
    Best Stain Remover

    I knew a woman whose husband was a mechanic who wore white coveralls. She would pour a can of pepsi into the washer once the water was full. His coveralls sparkled. I tried it once and it worked for me too, but my husband doesn't wear white often so I haven't tried it since. I don't know how colors would fair with this technique.

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  • heidigail commented on jessyratfink's instructable how to hand wash a bra5 months ago
    how to hand wash a bra

    Awesome article! I never would have thought of the salad spinner. When I need a bra to dry quickly I usually put it in a net bag in the washer then I worry about it the whole time since my bras are underwire. I'm going onto Amazon to order a salad spinner right now!

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