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  • hercyturkey commented on hercyturkey's instructable homemade hydroponic bucket system9 months ago
    homemade hydroponic bucket system

    Hey thanks for the tip I've looked it up and will be doing those as well. Cheers

    Ok sorry for the mic key mouse set up.i got have going on lol but its working. I made some improvements so to speak. my next build will have more planning involved (in progress) it will look a lot sharper and cleaner. So I have moved 2 cans up onto a shelf and started to work on better drainage from cans. They just drain back into resovoir. Need grommets I know but I'm on real tight budget. Using what I have laying around. Inside (no pics) yet. I have made a sprayer head that points down into water (bubbles like crazy now) also added 2 spray tips point upwards for roots. Rerouting drip lines still.in progress but it's a little neater and easier to deal with plants once again:)

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  • hercyturkey commented on hercyturkey's instructable homemade hydroponic bucket system10 months ago
    homemade hydroponic bucket system

    Day 4 plants still alive signs of stress but starting to take roots. Roots Looking white :)Almost had floods. Recommend drain holes in coffee cans 1/4 to 1/3 up from bottom of can. I also eliminated the drain lines and T connecter and let bucket drain through the lid into tote. instead seams more reliable this way. Next time I will use a bigger drainage line from buckets to tote. As the T connecter ended up plugging up twice on me. I do need a filter on pump too maybe??? Not sure yet lol. I am using general organics in reservoir and think I do have some peat floating around from roots of plants. Should wash more thorough next time.

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  • Solar Thermally Pumped Hydroponic System

    *left* not Right sorry my bad

    Awesome idea. I had to try it. Made some changes as well hope you can work with it and use it. I am in trial runs right now but hope to grow with this idea soon... also going to try and work on mini bottle DWC unit using "Kratzky "methods. "Think that's how it's spelled" correct me if im wrong. Now the one on the right is original idea except I added a top with holes punched in it to give it a greenhouse effect to sprout seedlings. The second is a test method to see how it works and how much water is moved. It is sealed unit (just experimenting) next will be using perlite or lava rocks in replacement of Styrofoam (on budget? It will work.) I used old seat cushion sterilized with boiling water before use

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