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hg341 (author)  JamesRPatrick5 years ago
no problem
MAVREV136 years ago
make more mods dude your mavmod was good.
hg341 (author)  MAVREV136 years ago
yea i would but i broke boths of my mavs and dont have any more money^they where my only nerf
MAVREV13 hg3416 years ago
what broke i might be able to help and if you get any new nerf guns and you need help on modding them ask me and ill gladly help you
hg341 (author)  MAVREV136 years ago
i tryed to do a power mod by takeing out some restricters^i lost most of them^ and the rod in the slides snaped^also lost them^

i could fix it if i had the time and paince but i have some other projects im trying  to start up

i do have an idea for smei-auto mavs^itll never get done though
MAVREV13 hg3416 years ago
if you want to fix your maverick send me a pic of what broke sorry but ive take 5-7 mavericks apart and i dont know what your talking about sorry.
MAVREV136 years ago
nice mav mod 5/5.
hg341 (author)  MAVREV136 years ago
thank you i was going to repley but never got around to it
MAVREV13 hg3416 years ago
no problem if you can get a chance answer my comment and check out my mod comment and rate it if you can get the time dude
eneergcam7 years ago
im in north caralina with my grandparents. i live in georgia though.
bounty10127 years ago
lol north carolina, I live In south carolina.
hg341 (author)  bounty10127 years ago
well then... i live close to you
Yes, nice to know that some of us instructablers are from the south-east.
Doctor Who8 years ago
does rs stand for runescape?