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sparu136 years ago
do u have,for zilog ic
shaf7896 years ago
I want a complete programmer, how much u wil cost it exactly?
Excellent project, I must build it, I love projects that use PC's as tool to interact with physical hardware. It looks better than any other charger I have seen as this analysis the battery/battery pack. What would be the best way to modify the circuit to charge a bank of 10 cells (12V) or 20 cells (24V). Should the battery positive supply voltage (Vcc) be increased or via the current control potentiometer to turn the FET on hard? You mention that this can charge 1 to 8 cells, how does the circuit control the charge voltage for various cells, one cell requires 1.2V two cells 2.4V etc. From looking at the circuit this would apply 12V to one cell and switch off when at over temperature. Do we adjust the current to match the load and forget about the voltage? I am confused, thanks for your help and advice. Keep up the good work and keep us updated with you designs. Aaron
hosam_eldin (author)  aaron_bousfield8 years ago
Thanks a lot i'm so happy to hear you comments I will study the circuit and update soon, i'm at work now Also i will redraw the schematic with any good tool Thanks again Hossam
akira_ira8 years ago
Hello sir, can you please list down the components that you had been build for Nicd-Nimh battery charger. I hope you will post it as soon as possible.
hosam_eldin (author)  akira_ira8 years ago
Sorry i missed some components: the FAN transistor is any small signal NPN transistor - the 0.1 ohm resistor is 3watt - the 1 ohm resistor is 1 watt resistor - the diode in the temperature circuit is 1N4148 - the temp sensor is a 10K Ohm thermistor ( negative coefficient) please tel me if you need any more questions N.B i will post the software soon
hosam_eldin (author)  akira_ira8 years ago
Hi akira, Nothing is critical in the circuit the only used IC is LM324 ( quad OP-AMP ) - The charging FET is IRF520 or any equivalent - The discharging transistor is any power transistor it will depend on the discharge current

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