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  • hugybyr commented on knife141's instructable Restoring a 1937 Typewriter2 years ago
    Restoring a 1937 Typewriter

    nice job great restoration. Thanks When I restore one of the old machines I remove all the covers and the platen. I then use a small brush to get out all the cobwebs mouse damage etc. Now here is my time saver I use a dremel with a brass wire brush to clean up rust and old crud.from the bright work and exposed metal parts. A cheap bench polisher from Harbor freight is also good for individual small chrome parts. Rubber feet from ebay and rubber rejuvinater from a print shop supply company for the platen and rollers after a quick sanding. I'm finishing up on a very badly rusted old royal and will have probably almost 15 hours in it before I'm done. I'll never be able to charge my customer for all my time but as we say these things are a labor of love. next is .

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