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Super_Nerd4 years ago
Oh My Gosh I looked at the views and it was exactly 50,000
necropolian7 years ago
do you have more 'mad scientist' stuff? at least i got my attention on that kind of stuff back because of you, and i'll surely make some mad science stuff to. keep up the good work!
hyperactiveguy (author)  necropolian7 years ago
I'm glad you like the shrink ray, it means a lot to me that people like my work. I'm working on a worm-hole generator at the moment, and my friend and I are in the process of building a time machine. I'll post those as soon as I'm done!
cool, i'm going to to do this list in the next few days: 1. finish the battery stonehenge 2.finish the circuit board school map 3. maybe some homework 4. brainstorm on ideas for creations 5. make an engraved copper plate with cool engraving 6. make time for all of this these things should be on instructables someday greets
hyperactiveguy (author)  necropolian7 years ago
I like number six. Ha ha. I'm not so good with circuit boards and things like that, I don't even know what most of the things are supposed to do! I just grab a screwdriver and pliers and tear off whatever looks cool! :)
it's really simple, the battery sends energy to the LED, the LED sends energy to the resistor (wich keeps the LED from blowing up/breaking/heating up) and the resistor sends the engergy back to the battery. and just tearing off the cool parts is fun indeed, but watch out, it could always be radioactive.
hyperactiveguy (author)  necropolian7 years ago
I laugh at radioactivity! HA!! Besides, I'd get out of school and would be the only person there that's radioactive. And there's always the possibility of superpowers!
or super-diseases...if you look at a fire-alarm, you shouldn't open the part that says 'contains americium' .....
hyperactiveguy (author)  necropolian7 years ago
Not that I'll get a fire alarm, but what would happen?
well, as americium (Am 241) emits alphe and gamma radiation, your cells will have three choices: 1. get fragmentated ( they just get destroyed) 2. get damaged (weakening your 'meat') 3. mutation (not the superhero-kind, but probably cancer) in one fire alarm there is about 0.2 grams of it, and that isn't so bad.
hyperactiveguy (author)  necropolian7 years ago
thanks, I'll be sure not to open that part
that's the spirit! but as i said, don't worry about radiation when you walk past it, 0.2 grams isn't so strong.
You should read The Radioactive Boyscout
radioactive boyscout?
The nickname given to David Hahn. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radioactive_boyscout