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  • How to break it to your kids that Santa Claus isn't real

    I believe in Jesus meanie...

    yo brother probs pretends 2 believe or woz Neva told and kpt B-leaving da white lie

    soz wait 4 that moment Santa comes, if you see a guy in dress ups, it's not Santa and parents do lie, but it's for your wellbeing

    Sorry to all the believers but he is totes not realHow could he live that long?Nobody has chimneys anymore.How would he get the toys if he lives in Antarctica?Magic isn't real either.If he sneaks in people's houses he can be caught and would be killed by the government for millions of violations of property.If he was real the government would have killed him by now.Dress ups, dude. If you can stay up so late then you have insomnia, with insomnia it is hard to make out faces.I never believed (I was like, "soz mum that's fake") and still got presentsPoor people don't get presents.the article above was written by an adult.If he is racist and only comes to pegans, Christians and white people, then God didn't make him. I personally am Christian so....

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