July 27, 2016
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  • iTECHKING commented on Romain7333's instructable Wifi Relay With ESP82662 weeks ago
    Wifi Relay With ESP8266

    I want to know something.Suppose I have -(i) a WiFi Router at my home (name Home WiFi) and (ii) a project (say switching light on/off) with ESP8266 ( name Test WIFi)Normally my mobile is connected to my "Home WiFi" to access Internet But when I need to switch the light, I'll have to connect my phone to ESP8266 "Test WiFi" and my task will be executed. After executing the task I'll have to connect back to my "Home WiFi".So each time when I need to execute the task, It requires switching in WiFI connectivity from "Home WiFi" to "Test WiFi" (As per my understanding).Is there any way that only by connecting with any WiFi (Either Home or Test WiFi) I can access the internet as well as Execute the task ?

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