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acheide7 years ago
You mentioned in "www.instructables.com/id/Electric-seed-hopper-for-autonomous-gorilla-garden/" instructable a gardening robot. How is it coming? What are your end goals for it? I have some ideas for an semi-autonomous farming robot and would like to share ideas.
iamdenteddisk (author)  acheide7 years ago
I keep having problems with i'ables seems I can't post or reply. and the private messages are the only thing working for me at the moment.

you are welcome to come join my website <http://denteddisk.com/> at least there i'm the one in control and no bigbrother contrling things..

once there goto the forum and join then you can post any questions /comments you might have. I want to share my work but perhaps it's to contraversial for some.
I know you will like the website and then I can reply with any pictures video info or chat you need.. my intension with the robot is gorrilla and perhaps also terraforming but I wanted a trustworthy method of being able to "set it and forget it untill harvest. I have a few different designs and they span from mining/geology to farming/self maintainance and replication.

anyway hope to talk to you soon..