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March 12, 2015
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  • Building a Keg Still (Bokakob Design, Reflux Still)

    I am in New Zealand, and its not nice, its "bloody awsum mate" as we would say. We have many many rules, laws and regulations that permit this and many other things, we are truly for the people by the people, not just words on paper but truly in practice. Police don't carry guns! We can grow our own tobacco too, brew anything we want, but for our own consumption only, and on our own property, and in maximum quantities that no one can consume in a year! One thing we are very proud of too, as a side, is that we have government legislation that makes us totally nuclear free, free of anything nuclear, no power, no bombs, and was the 1st and only country to do so. It is a thorn in USA's side as we will not permit nuke powered vessels into our waters, so no war games with USA... One problem we do have here is getting hold of an old keg, as the are all owned by the brewing companies...

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