• iced2 commented on Naren_Murali's instructable Arduino Real Time Clock (DS1307)3 months ago
    Arduino Real Time Clock (DS1307)

    In your example you are using Analog pin 4,5. How can I change this in the code? I would like to use Analog ping 0,1 on my arduino micro.Is the real time clock affects other analog pin read values on any other way?

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  • iced2 commented on deba168's instructable SOLAR POWERED ARDUINO WEATHER STATION3 months ago

    Instead of advertising your product here which is: Release Date:TBDYou should be focusing on the same goal to fix this project for free. His design is obviously faulty. Anyone who builds this I give your station 3-4 weeks tops with a 6000mAh battery before it goes down and then the battery will never recharge again to power the station.I have built this setup just like him with bare bone atmega 326P (although using external crystal oscillator, it doesn't change much). My station is using the lowpower library just like his and sends data in every 5 minutes.http://www.instructables.com/id/RF-315433-MHz-Tran...By this article the RF transmitter modul works from 3-12V so I will take out the voltage booster (which I believe drains off all the energy here) and let you know the results in 2 months.

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