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Aug. 10, 2006
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My handrawn HS copy of a famous Barsoom character by a 1950 author can you guess who what where ?... I was born in the capital city of a country that no longer exists.... I am an Electronic Engineer and received my first degree (BSEE) from I.I.T. .... Got some patents. Discovered the 8080 and learned to speak 33 more machine languages.... W...
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  • iceng commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Simple Fire Piston1 day ago
    Simple Fire Piston

    Impressive ible using a natural property of compressing a gas.Would you theorize based on your experience if this would work at 5000 ft where I live

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      • GRAPE GAP
  • iceng commented on Nick70587's forum topic Email notifications2 weeks ago

    Adding my irritation on this 18 month recurring code monkey event...Why don't you provide a dual solution for the next event ?

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  • If you know about the elements and the electron orbit shells. Then the number of electrons in the outer most shell have preferred relationships in fitting together.This process is much more complicated when crystals are made of molecules in an array and the conditions of temp, electric-field, magnetic-flux, gravity, time etc etc during xtal formation... It is an extremely fascinating field of study and greatly useful in doping ( protuberances of tiny percentages of other atoms ) into elemental substances for the electronic crystal behavior of Semi-Conductors like Germanium and Silicon in the periodic chart...

    +1A most excellent wiki

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  • iceng commented on vikram_gupta11's forum topic Energy with Seesaw system2 weeks ago


    Water or air wheels winging magnets next to coils or moving iron to redirect flux paths is how efficient generators got started in our evolution..A simple small bike tire wheel generator showen.

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  • Drake88 commented on iceng's instructable Wing Nut Key Power Driver2 weeks ago
    Wing Nut  Key  Power Driver

    I saw one made from an old steel pipe. The guy had cut out a couple of sections(about 25% of the pipe end, then used 'heat to soften the pipe'(he said), and then flattened three inches or so of the pipe end in such a way that the remaining two 'castillations'(like on top edge of a castle) were sitting to one side of each other with about 1/2 an inch between them. He did the same thing with the other end of the pipe only flattening in the other direction, and drilling a hole for a screwdriver or other tool to be used as a lever. I really wish I had taken pictures of this thing, it was about 8 inches long total, and once you knew what it was used for was a pretty cool tool design. Without knowing what it's use was, I had though it was just some scrap junk. I was corrected in my thinking pretty quickly by the old guy, however.

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  • Gnarly wood projects with Weird wood, Broken glass, LED's and Epoxy.

    Fabulous ible, I'm a dog guy but I like your cat... How'd you get her to spread claws ... soo neat !!!BTW I have friend, Loui Vassos, who used two part epoxy and the unused part was kept in a deep freezer to be pulled out whenever he needed to bond stuff at work for Skill Saw Research lab in Chicago, back in the day...

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  • caitlinsdad and thematthatter commented on iceng's forum topic Stop Hackers dead1 month ago

    I read this 5 times and have no idea what your talking about. - thematthatter

    When your commander gives you an order, you had better move. - caitlinsdad

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  • So, how does $30 grab you instead?https://fourthievesvinegar.org/blog/2016/09/introd...

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  • iceng commented on iceng's forum topic Stop Hackers dead1 month ago

    Having used REAL BASIC to go on line and retrieve data for inclusion to an instrument, or catching very early TV ticker scrolling across the bottom of a vacuum screen with 32 photo resistive sensors to catch a stock action in Z80 machine code I still have no idea of the actual binary handshaking that needs go-on to work this site.. Ergo this must be a "can of worms" simplistic concept that most in the know don't want to open... Unless . . . . the gov discourages such technology.

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  • iceng posted a forum topic Stop Hackers dead1 month ago
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  • iceng commented on iceng's instructable GRAPE GAP1 month ago

    But now I added a wood step and relisted in the contest !Hope you don't mind too much :-)

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  • I had a inert trainer that looked just like that for practicing atropine injections.Before the auto injector they had the syrette, which is a lot cheaper to manufacture and doesn't require the public to mix medicine like a syringe would.But the advantage of the auto injector is you don't have to think about shoving a 2 inch needle into someone's large muscle.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrette - thematthatter

    Apart from the fact that you got lost on the second page here: did you know resin printers are also 3D printers? ;)For obvious reasons noone would really try to print a pen like this, there are better ways to produce this stuff.Question is: would you really trust something you made in your workshop if your life depends on it?At least I would still have my doubts the dose might one day be a total overkill due to failure or that nothing at all comes out when I need it. - Downunder35m

    it's good http://www.crabsnack.com visit to download free pc game and software and much more, share with your friends. - Saram146

    in my limited experience, 3d printed stuff is rather porous. Not conducive to tight plumbing fittings, nor to sterile surfaces. - Toga_Dan

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  • iceng commented on iceng's instructable GRAPE GAP1 month ago

    Hey, you helped to convince me, I dropped out of the Wood working contest..

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  • iceng commented on aisaacs3's instructable The Chef Knife For Gammaw.1 month ago
    The Chef Knife For Gammaw.

    Never cared for knife ibles, until I started reading your enticing instructable.. My compliments on a very well presented educational subject and you get my vote..

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  • iceng commented on Phil B's instructable Extra Hand for a Drink Cup1 month ago
    Extra Hand for a Drink Cup

    Beautiful welding !

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  • iceng commented on iceng's instructable GRAPE GAP1 month ago

    It does require a wood fence and epoxy to secure the metal to the wood fence.Also it demonstrates, how well the epoxy has protected the wood for over Four Years of high altitude UV, rain, sleet, snow and extreme desert temperature day / night 50_degree Fahrenheit change cycles in weathering time.I believe what -Maya Angelou proselytizes and in that vein let me explain that the Ibles robot accepted my application to the Maker Olympics but closed the contest and forgot to include me.. So I chose this Wood working venue.. Don't worry I have never won a contest and your friends are safe..BTW, I built that wood fence stain it every other year and repaired it before this wonderful site even existed. There is a section of fence that I'm going to have to repair soon as a motorist backed into it last week and drove of with some less red paint on his vehicle... I notice you were educated in Nuclear Propulsion and would like to ask if you know of alpha emitting isotopes that can ionize N2 or O2 for a DC generator idea, But I ramble on....

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  • jwelbes commented on iceng's instructable GRAPE GAP1 month ago

    Why was this submitted to the Woodworking contest? I think you might have mistakenly submitted it to the wrong contest.

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  • Yes, but how does the tax rate compare a.k.a. who's paying for those procedures that you aren't paying for? - Brooklyntonia

    Everybody over 18, and earning over £155 ($207), you pay 12% of your income.The vast majority don't complain about the NI contribution, because anybody could need it at any time, for almost anything.We were in San Francisco 4 years ago, and our youngest had an episode with his kidney condition. For a 5 minute drive in an ambulance, ten minutes with a doctor, and two oral morphine tablets, we were sent a bill for over $1200 (covered by our travel insurance).Given that benchmark, I shudder to think how much we'd have been charged for the birth of our two sons, my appendectomy, my son's 15 years of kidney treatment, my mother's treatment to fix a broken back, and treat her polio (& post-polio syndrome), my father's numerous skin-cancer operations, the rebuilding of his shoulder after a cycling accident, and the 18 months of surgery, chemotherapy and the use of two oxygen concentrators my sister had before she passed away. - Kiteman

    Well, it's been running successfully since 1948... - Kiteman

    Well, it only shows a wealthy country.Wait till unemployment kicks in, some crown projects fail or a bigger natural disaster hits.Same for the number of people who are in retirement, have more people not working and getting benefits than supplying taxes and someone needs to pay th bills.Once the money runs low health care is usually the first place to do the culling.I have seen health care system going from free and fast to something advertised as better and fair by the gouvernment.The result is low income owners struggle to pay for their meds and unless you have private insurance as well you might wait years for an operation.You are fortunate to be in a country that can afford "wasting" money but that might not be the case forever...Why do you think all these refugees all migrate to countries with good social security and health care?They could quite easy invade south america but why bother if there are much easier "solutions" available.Those epi pens and other meds are sold for big bucks to wealthy countries, you won't find them in so called third world countries or those battling inflation for ages. - Downunder35m

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  • You are not getting my point. These stories convey what I'm trying to say.http://www.ibtimes.com/how-us-subsidizes-cheap-dru...http://fortune.com/2015/11/03/us-europe-healthcare... - mtairymd

    No, the cost to the UK patient is minimal/zero at point of need, but the cost is still borne by the UK National Insurance (deducted from our wages) contributors. We still pay the full price, but as a nation.The doctors aren't driven by profit, and the patients are not hindered by potential costs - the money is between hospital managers, the government and the pharmaceutical companies. - Kiteman

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  • iceng commented on Josehf Murchison's instructable Cream of Giant Puffball Soup1 month ago
    Cream of Giant Puffball Soup

    I like the ible and voted for you. Celery the third stool leg of a good soup.Understanding the dangers of poison I'm impressed with your mushroom knowledge and until now had no idea these amazing Puff Balls were edible.

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  • Correct about the cost of epinephrine. I'm not defending Mylan, Turing Pharmaceutical or any other drug companies. Good or bad, my only point was that the US health care industry partially subsidizes Europe's health care costs. With that, drug companies will accept the lower negotiated prices in the UK as long as the US keeps paying the high rate. - mtairymd

    I've always thought of it as the USA subsidizing the rest of the world when it comes to medical research. I feel the reason the UK, Canada, etc. can purchase medicine at low rates is because the development cost is covered by Americans. I bet if the USA followed the same policy, the flow of money into new research would dwindle. I'm not defending epipen or any other drug price. I just thought I would provide a counter to "social medicine" argument. Anyway, I think this is a cool project and I hope to see the innovative minds on instructables suggest lower cost alternatives. - mtairymd

    Lower cost alternatives are not that hard to produce.The pen itself is only worth a few cents and I am sure there is a company in asia willing to throw out thausands at low prices.Problem is the legal side of things and obtaining the meds to start with.At least in AU it is next to impossible to get insulin in bottles or similar.Pens and pumps are the way to go.My sister needs these things too so I already tried looking into the problem for a long time.One re-usable approach I can think of is to use darts, you know these things the vet blows at the lion because the guy is too scared to get near the beast with a needle.The variations I encountered so far either use a spring to push the meds in or a pressurised reservoir, spring power is prefered for home use though ;)This solves the feeding problem, the dosage is much harder to accomplish...Here I could think off a rotating valve with another reservoir the size of the injection needed.Think of it as a barrel with a spring powered hole to hold the meds.The greater force in the syringe end pushes the reservoir spring down and fills it.When injected you turn or let the barrel turn and the dose goes in.Another alternative would be to hack an original epipen and make it re-usable.Problem here is that the plastic used does not stick to any glue I have at hand - and got a few here...Next thing is that at least those multi dosage pens are designed for single use only, my attempts to reload them all failed as either something broke or refused to budge.And once we get something working fine it still leaves us with the hygine problem - not everyone is willing or capable to sterilise all the equippment to actually re-use something like a hacked pen.... - Downunder35m

    The wholesale cost of a dose of epinephrine, in the US, is 10-95 cents.The current high price in the US is purely a result of US medical services being funded by profits instead of taxes. - Kiteman

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  • iceng posted an instructable GRAPE GAP1 month ago
  • iceng commented on seamster's instructable Tennis Balls in a Bottle (How-to!)1 month ago
    Tennis Balls in a Bottle (How-to!)

    Take them underwater to 90 feet deep that's about 3 atmospheres to collapse the balls enough to enter the bottle through the neck.BTW tennis balls are pressurized to 14 PSI and com in a 14 PSI container. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UnderwaterFreezing a ball would harden the ball and it would crack the rubber if aggressed upon.

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  • Seems some companies care more about their own profit than about patients :( - Downunder35m

    http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/as-epipen-prices-skyrocket-consumers-and-emts-resort-to-syringes-for-life-threatening-allergies/ - Toga_Dan

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  • As a certified EMT 10 years ago, and I believe I could draw 2CC and inject into a big muscle under the pressure of time constraint.But the average citizen parent would have a problem using a standard syringe see the kit below.

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  • The price is not for the plastic but what for that stuff inside ;)30ml of pure epinephrine cost around 60-100 bucks on the open market.If you need it the non-artificial varant sources from humans the price goes to around 300-400 bucks for the same amount.Most of this cost is reserved for tests, cleaning, equippment and of course the packaging to sell the stuff.With those emergency pens you often pay to price for no other reason than to have it hand and ready for anyone to use.Pull the cap, push it into the skin, done.If you take kits for snake bites than the single dose from a doc can be around 400 bucks, not including monitoring and other medical things that might be required.But if you need a kit for the bush, which usually contains generic antivenoms to treat a variety of snake bites you are set back close to 2 grand...Just see it this way:You buy a single resistor at your local store and pay 30 cents for it.Go and get a full reel of 5000 or so and the single price drops below one cent per resistor.Guess it comes down to how serious your condition is and how much you are willing to pay for peace of mind.... - Downunder35m

    Sadly not.My sister is in the same boat here.She can't tolerate insulin from pigs and the aritficial stuff shows next to nothing.Only the human insulin helps her properly.But since it is next to impossible to obtain...When it comes to certain medications you need to consider storage, contamination and of course misuse.And in a life threatening situation: Would you trust a stranger that he can push your pen into some flesh? I would say chances are good...But would you trust the same guy to be capable of preparing a syringe and to inject the right amount into your skin? I would not like my chances here...Still nothing can justify the 600 bucks for that single pen.... - Downunder35m

    aren't people just getting syringes now, to avoid the cost increase? - Toga_Dan

    I agree on the costs but you have to consider that there are countries that either can't afford this or simply refuse to provide such cover.Here in AU it is a similar story, if you are on gouvernment benefits the costs for meds are capped.Around 6 bucks per drug you get at the pharmacy and for low incomes the total yearly amount is capped.But this only goes as far as the drugs you want or need are included in the PBS.As with most things generic copies don't work the same for everyone, which can mean you need to pay the difference in price yourself."Free" health care often also means people won't actually try to find or get back into employment.A full dental treatment to restore your smile can set you back a few thausand bucks, without a job you get it for free (if you can spare the time on the waiting list).And as with all things big and small: Someone has to pay for all of this, usually the working population through taxes.In some countries you are lucky to find a qualified doc in time, so don't expect free care here ;) - Downunder35m

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  • iceng commented on thestip's forum topic LEDs - Under-volt, over-amped?1 month ago

    Yonatan is actually correct.Four LEDs in series ( assume the most damaging situation ) all LEDs are 9V x 4 = 36 volts as a minimum.That means the series LEDs will barely light ie come_on.If Stip could let us know if the values the ~1.3A string and 8.75V per LED a measurement or estimate ? Before or after you connected the wrong what ??The destructive component of electricity is current flow a result of the pressing voltage and a little voltage change in a diode which causes a large current flow change when compared to a linear resistor as depicted in the picture.

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  • iceng commented on BorisE5's forum topic garden hose spigot: fixing/replacing2 months ago

    open it all the way and then take a wrench and tighten the that right most nut under the red handle screw.. When you close for winter reverse the process.If it still leaks you will have to close the valve, take the red handle, unscrew (take_off) the brass nut then replace and repack the the void around the shaft with plumbers packing twine around the shaft.. Screw the nut and handle bask on and try it...

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  • iceng commented on sdtacoma's forum topic Does Electrical Tape Have A Use?2 months ago

    I have wired factories, a casino and many homes and hundreds of black rolls of electrical tape with no problem sticking.. Even anchoring six stranded #10 gauge wires to a fish-tape through extensive hand lubed conduit runs it got torn and shredded but pulled and pushed through in holding shape...The only tape that had trouble sticking was the old style cloth tape we were replacing in old buildings but then so was the wire insulation itself.

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  • You may want to have a city mode / country mode feature.In city mode the alarm goes on immediately and prevents ignition.In country mode the alarm waits for the car to travel 5 to ten minutes before blaring the horn cutting gas flow and flashing the lights.

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  • FYI background most 3 phase motors are dual voltage 220/440 or 110/220...Click the pictures.

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  • iceng commented on j88k's instructable Huge vacuum tube light fixture.2 months ago
    Huge vacuum tube light fixture.

    They are made of glass that clang and can shatter.

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  • Wireless Electricity Transmission (Simple things required to be collected from scrap)

    A nice ible, which is demonstrating a simple electronics that creates a changing magnetic flux that induces a electric current in a separate coil that is in the changing flux field.. Please don't get overwhelmed by what is basically nothing more then an air core transformer.

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  • You have hot weather, fans, and thermometric coolers.

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