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Fikjast Scott6 months ago

Thank you so much for the patch.

warmly Scott

Fikjast Scott6 months ago

Thank you for viewing and following

iceng (author)  favor20146 months ago

Hello friendly single girl with a blank profile.

I notice the same exact text msg was sent to indymogul.

New members often confuse their comments.

I'm the older bloke.

chickenpop12 months ago
Sir I would dearly like to know what is the secret to your longevity.

Thank you,

iceng (author)  chickenpop12 months ago
Some wonderful friends, family and professionals exert a tough loving attitude with my daily life.
MDheliMech1 year ago
Your bio is very impressive. Seems like you have done and seen a lot of really cool things. It brought up a question. What is "the 8080"? Bill Lear, like Lear Jet? Finally I think the Morse Code at the end is a great touch. By the way thank you very much with you help with my questions. Especially any help you can give me on my shooting gallery from your experience taking one apart.
iceng (author)  MDheliMech1 year ago
First came the 4004 a 4bit wide micro then the 8008 was the first 8bit wide then the 8080 followed by
the Z80 microprocessor that had a duplicate set of working registers. 
RCA made the COSMAC 1802 a 4bit, 8bit and 16bit  first CMOS micro that could go to space
because it could pass through the Van Allen radiation belt and function.

Bill Lear == Lear Jet a scaled down Swiss fighter before calculators manufactured in Wichita.
The FAA tester crashed the first Jet by taking off with the spoilers deplored.  Lear had a second
jet 80% under construction which saved his fortune.

Can't do much more then suggest you buy a low power eBay IR laser diode that cannot hurt eyes.


Thank you.
mamatealx31 year ago
yes I stated the obvious in the question,but would you have any ideas what a Neurotypical thinking Brain is? thats my question..thanks for your reply..typo's ?? (who cares) no English class here
iceng (author)  mamatealx31 year ago
Aspie's do not make typing erorrs !!
Goodhart iceng1 year ago
my typing is atrocious LOL
blkhawk1 year ago
Sir, I am honored that you are following! Best regards!
iceng (author)  blkhawk1 year ago
I like your ibles..
And what's this Sir stuff ... I'm not that old :-)
canucksgirl2 years ago
Okay, so it's been 2 weeks since we last yapped on my orangeboard....
Where you at now? Any progress? ;-)
(Yes, I'm bored).
iceng (author)  canucksgirl2 years ago
211 :) and 240 :(   both increased.
Spent two days and built (assembled) that two place low wing....
For the grand kids.