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Ah, so THIS is the guy who friended me on FB.

iceng (author)  CrayfishYAY5 months ago

Yea, how are you doing ?

Marbie251 year ago

Thanks for the follow!

www1391 year ago

Thanks for subscribing!

antoniraj1 year ago

thank you for following. Following you to see some good stuff

JM19991 year ago

Thanks for the sub!

iceng (author)  JM19991 year ago

- -Your twice welcome.

What happened, I was following and wanted to pm you but accidentally clicked Unfollow, followed by reclicking Follow. Hey these things happen ;)

JM1999 iceng1 year ago

Right, totally fine!

I was sure you were following me previously...

Wired_Mist1 year ago

Hey Iceng, Thanks for the fallow !

keep an eye on ur feed, 2-3 ible's coming out soon :P

kelseymh1 year ago

Hey, just FYI: If you can flag the spam without comments, it's much easier for staff to remove permanently. Otherwise, they have to delete all the comments from the DB as well, along with the cross-links, before they can delete the original spam.

iceng (author)  kelseymh1 year ago

Thanks for the heads up.

I will delete my comments after an hour and then FLAG it after that.

TommyT11 year ago

your my hero, wanna hold hands?

iceng (author)  TommyT11 year ago

Consider them held :)

JM19991 year ago

Thank you for subscribing to my channel, I hope you enjoy my upcoming surprise FIRE project!

Thank you so much for the patch.

warmly Scott