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  • igorpkc made the instructable Rare Earth Magnets From Old Hard Drives1 month ago
    Rare Earth Magnets From Old Hard Drives

    Those magnets come with holes on their back plate, making them easy to attach to, for example, your tool board. And they hold stuff so good! Super practical :)

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  • How to Replace a Toilet (Step-by-Step)

    Nice tutorial, explains stuff well!In Croatia (perhaps the rest of Europe too, idk) we do it a bit differently. There is a special rubber sleeve that connects the outlet of the toilet bowl with the drain pipe in the floor. There's even a sleeve with an offset, as a solution when the drain is positioned too close to the wall, leaving insufficient space for mounting the toilet bowl. Makes life really easier! I also didn't use any wax rings, i just filled the sanitary silicone under the edge of the toilet bowl "foot". This is the rubber sleeve i'm talking about.. Perhaps you have something similar there :)

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  • igorpkc commented on Jer_Faludi's instructable Choosing Greener Metals3 months ago
    Choosing Greener Metals

    Hello :) One small, maybe off-topic note about stainless steel, but surely useful to those who decide to work with it. After arc welding it, the solidified slag uses to pop as it cools down, making it's fragments fly all around. They are still very hot, and can likely end in your eye, because you stopped welding and removed your mask. Happened to me twice... So be careful, fellow welders :)

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