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  • illushinz commented on thomasjarrett16's instructable The Ultimate PVC Quadcopter1 year ago
    The Ultimate PVC Quadcopter

    Hey, thanks man. I'm hoping that tomorrow we'll be able to wrap it up. Needs lots of cleanup on the wiring, need to mount the lexan, transmitter, controller and battery. Just a mock up, but had to get today's picture in.

    @thomasjarrett16 you've created a monster. My Dad and I spent a couple hours last night getting everything laid out and beginning the soldering. Can't wait to make some more progress!My ESCs are only 12A, but I did order some 1000kV motors yesterday. Think I may need to step up to larger ESCs though. Also had some trouble getting the 4 12 gauge power leads put together, think I'll order a power distribution board today.

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