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bcolvon173 years ago
Does anyone know where to find the papercraft template for the iron man glove? The glove tutorial was created by Indy Mogul.
Hey fellas do you know were can I find the Indy Mogul papercraft for building the Iron Man arm? thanks
You guys are awesome !!! I am actually writing a script for a horror movie I plan to make. Any ideas on how to simulate a massive fire ? I have a scene where a church is being burned while two people are trapped inside.... Having issues trying to figure out how to pull it off. Let me know what you think.
If you need an actor temporararily consumed by flames. Make a medium fireball behind him and put a very small one right in front of the camera. The illusion simulates that sort of thing.
the fireball should be done with a solid.
a bit expensive, but a thousand times safer.
builderkidj5 years ago
Goodbye indy mogul, You will be missed.
ditto, again.
BTW, he has a new host
just as funny.
 Woooo! My name is Indy

Im not being sarcastic!
Or... NOT!
eyebot1176 years ago
Hello Indymogul! Two of my friends and myself are creating a small independent film group, and we could use some of your wisdom. We may possibly make a film that involves android robots, fighting, high-tech weapons, etc, and we were working on costumes. Here are a couple of images (some of them computer rendered) of the character. I made a helmet for the head, but I don't know of anything that I could use for a clear, see-through, dome-shaped cover for the helmet. The wearer would have to be able to see out of it, and I'll add RGB LED's later. Any ideas? I'm planning on going off of your "Halo Master Chief Armor" episode with the Bondo and fiberglass, and I might use Pepakura for the cutouts. Any advice would be appreciated.
eyebottestpose02.jpgeyebotposetest01.jpgeyebotvenompose01.jpgEyebot techno.jpgeyebot-chem.jpgframe head hole.JPGfinished head frame.JPGeyebot-flame.jpg
you coukd also use indy mogul's iron man repulsor arm and paint silver (or any other color). Its cheap and looks AWESOME!!!
A big punch bowl or otherwise clear bowl glued on, could work.
Keith-Kid8 years ago
Why dont you guys have a picture up? At least a logo!!!!!