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navyfamily46 years ago
Just wanted to thank you for the kind words. I wish i would have thought to recover a hat it probably would have been easier my hat is made entirely from scratch from the hand painted fabric to the fimo hatpins. lol i guess You could say i went backwards.
inkstainedheart (author)  navyfamily45 years ago
Wow--that's fantastic! I loved trying my hand at millinery, but I don't think I could get the shape of the top hat brim right. That would drive me crazy!
Goodhart7 years ago
Hi inkstainedheart, I was just bopping around instructables and happened upon your profile....I just wanted to add one comment in reference to what you have there:

Apparently technical theatre translates to "how to make things for cheap and yet look nice." I'm rather glad they condensed the title. That would look ridiculous on a degree.

I am not sure about the school you went to, but I know the little bit I got in this area helped me here in instructables. We had to make, from misc stuff, most of our props. :-) and as Robot has already said: welcome to Instructables.