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  • Raspberry Pi and Wiimote controlled Robot Arm

    Fantastic post!Last week my son and I put this together with: Raspberry PI 3 / OWI 535 / USB Intf / WiiMote + Nun. We are total newbies to Python scripting.The RaspPi 3 has IDLE 2 and IDLE 3. Script only works with IDLE 2. Also we had to change the Print statements from ' ' to (" ").We also had to change our accelerometer values ().We are running into a bit of a challenge, the Wiimote works WITHOUT Nunchuck. However, when it is plugged in, only the Nunchuck works. The Wiimote no longer works; buttons, accelerometer, etc.Not sure if it is the function of the script or the Wiimote/Nunchuck. I don't understand how the 'While True:' and the 'while(1)' statements work.

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