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  • Jaula para Conejos / Cage or hutch for Rabbits

    Hi, thanks for your comment, wooden floor prevents bad leg in rabbits, the rabbits have reproduced are the New Zealand and the Panda, I commented that the New Zealand looked the cage but Panda will bite the floor, so that depending on the breed of rabbit perhaps he can add a thin mesh to protect the floor, Goodbye!

    Hi, thanks for your comment, for home users traders can small considering them, but if they were in nature their burrows are smaller, have no rabbits to pet, prove to be a small player, and cages the design to avoid strés them while they are there and the intention of the post is to show other reprodutores or home users who want to design their cages, I give the floor measures to prevent evil rabbit leg and decrease strés. (Which I have worked for me). Goodbye!

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