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I create new science based on the overlooked advantages of old science and take it to the Twilight-Zone.Failure is a common companion but insights still not understood find me in the void of space. I love a laugh! enjoy the company of all.Amazed at the undertakings of my fellow man. Look forward to more.

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  • inventor2 commented on Harrison_89's instructable DIY Soft Robotic Tentacle1 year ago
    DIY Soft Robotic Tentacle

    You have got the gist of it. I applaud your ingenuity, here,s a little secret to take it to the next level,.Buy a long length of coiled spring, open at similar points like your finger ,(these are stretched openings) ,apply pressure inside your tube fitted. Spring will bulge at openings, acting coiled spring duplicates movement like a real finger, Experiment and you could end up with a ROBOTIC HAND.Regards Stephen Fitton.

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  • Master a perfect inline wire splice everytime

    An additional hint.Where more than one wire is being spliced from the same enclosed insulation, make each wire to same standard but different lenghts. This will prevent a bulge, but more importantly prevent shorting even when shrint rap degrades.Regards Stephen Fitton

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  • DIY Hot Wire Cutter for Plexiglass, Cardboard and Foam

    power only by battery,(do not connect to mains) Suitable wire for cutting use fishing tackle wire (NICROME), for resistance use old style wire kettle heating element ,adjust heavy style bulldog clips slowly along element wire until cutting wire glows a light red, You are Ready to cut foam.

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  • inventor2 commented on PicsArt's instructable How to Create a Double Exposure Photo1 year ago
    How to Create a Double Exposure Photo

    To enhance your picture further if the final print comes out not as you would like it on inkjet photo paper, re insert so it will print over the same image. Done carefully you picture has a more indepth feel and look due to the indistinguishable offset, Happy photoshoot Stephen Fitton

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  • 6 Tips for cutting curves on a bandsaw

    while using a jigsaw is great for thin wood, on thicker wood blade easily flexes and gives non 90 degree edges,also it has more likelyhood of blades grabbing the wood and jumping out of its supports

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