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  • iplus10 commented on clasof56's instructable Firewood rack using no tools2 years ago
    Firewood rack using no tools

    I believe that this wood came from a maple tree. It has been sitting outside since November. I was going to move this batch inside the garage today to make room for some more fresh cut wood from my neighbor to put in its place. Is 6-months time enough to season it? I figure it can season some more in the garage over the summer.

    This is absolutely brilliant! I bought all the parts from Lowes yesterday and will assemble it today. However, I have a silly question. First off, I'm a new firewood collector, so apologies in advance lol. If I have pieces of wood that are pretty small in diameter, do I still need to split them before burning them in a fireplace? They are as big as the small ones shown in the pic uploaded in this post:

    Sorry, not sure why the link didn't work. Here's a picture of my stack.

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