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KnexFreek6 years ago
 your sniper kinda sucks... how did it get featured??
It was great for the time it was posted.
millions7 years ago
hi mate as u might know gorkems sniper rifle has been had to follow but i got 40 kits for my bday so i got over 30000 of each piece your sniper rifle which i built the whole thing 3 time work good got mine to shoot 425 FT and i built gorkems sniper 3 times one with normal barrel one wid the barell on the sniper and i goes thurther the bullet so i was wondering with your permission can i post instructions on how to build the sniper with your barrel and i make sure u get the credit for the barrel and ill make sure u are the first person to see the instructions ty DAVE!EE
where did you go?
Hephestus8 years ago
ipod killer i have added your knex sniper rifle to my 15th sniper squadron, if you wish for it to be removed from the group please let me know and if you want to join by all means you can.
The Jamalam8 years ago
Whaleman8 years ago
What are you up to, Mr. "the great wall of china is a miniature replica of the wall around my estate'?
Lol, what?
hey, check out my new forum, i think ud do great if u gave it a go!
dakelle28 years ago
hey man i made a helmet out of knex when i get pic i will show you should i post it
ipod killer (author)  dakelle28 years ago
why not does it have any special abilities
Mike Cortes9 years ago
ello ma'e ow u doin' lol i kiled the juoke that never existed. anyway im dismantling ur sniper rifle coz it sucks.
lol but ur single shot shot gun is the best ever.
smidge1479 years ago
hey dude hows it going?