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ryry20113 years ago
will you sub
Bwbt14 years ago
Please can you post your sniper with the shell eject system it is so cool. It would definitely get featured!
prodo1234 years ago
Hi ironman. I need your help on a G36 model I'm working on. I have the barrel and frame down pat, but the sights, mag, and firing pin need a LOT of help.
Are you ever going to return?
mikstr25 years ago
iron man i must say, YOU ARE AWESOME!
please... post the minigun...
Hey again M. I guess you're like me... minigun MADDD!!!!!!!!!
well... his is a realistic, box-backed minigun... also, on your V3, you should shorten the end piece quite a bit, say, to a yellow rod length, and just increase the multi-barrel part by a green rod segment for realism. also, why no V1?
... So you think mine should be more like this:
That looks like a FAMAS but minigun style.
no, that's a truck-mounted minigun. those things aren't any more portable than a truck.
<p>They're compleatley diferent. this is what you mean by minigun-famas: <a href=""></a></p>
No, I meant what i said. What i mean is that that minigun has a similar top rail to a FAMAS.
actually, my only complaint with the V3-other than the huge firing box-is the barrel design. also, why didnt you post a V1?
Wtf... i said why i didnt post V1 but its gone Xp anyways... the barrels need to be like that so it remains unsupported, the whole point of this is not to have an arm sticking out to connect to the barrel end. And i didnt post v1 cos it didnt fire and was way too chunky and stupid. heres pic: