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  • ivak245 commented on deba168's instructable DIY Portable Mini Refrigerator1 month ago
    DIY Portable Mini Refrigerator

    That's a neat little fridge! You could make the door from 2 pieces of clear acrylic with an air gap (double insulated) to help with heat gain through the door. Also, one central hinge may not last too long , 2 smaller hinges or a piece of piano (continous) hinge. Every little bit of insulation helps. Great design & explanation!

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  • ivak245 commented on Phil B's instructable Twist Drill Sharpening Helper2 months ago
    Twist Drill Sharpening Helper

    A friend bought one of those drill sharpeners (after I told him not to waste his money) and some dead bits around for me to sharpen as he had no clue how to go about it. I could sharpen 10 by eye on my bench grinder in the time it took me to set up and grind / regrind/ regrind 1 on the useless sharpener. This jig you have shown is nifty in the way you can see an off-centre grind.I have used a scribed line at 59 degrees on the work rest of the bench grinder, just fill it with white chalk every now and then.

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