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  • ivak245 commented on seamster's instructable Spray Paint Secret Safe1 week ago
    Spray Paint Secret Safe

    neat little hiding place! No good around these parts though, we had break-ins at a place I worked at, and all they stole was spray paint so they could tag trains and fences!

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  • ivak245 commented on SpecificLove's instructable 8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool1 month ago
    8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool

    Remote fireworks lighter- insert wick into steel wool, strip about 1/2" of some electrical wire, & insert 2 wires into the wool so the wick is between them. Connect the other ends to a 9volt battery. The current will go between the inserted wires, steel wool will start to burn - and away goes your fireworks.

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  • ivak245 commented on darbinorvar's instructable LED Book Safe W/ Secret Compartment1 month ago
    LED Book Safe W/ Secret Compartment

    Good idea, and the light inside is handy. If you want the LED to last a little longer, you can add a resistor in series to limit the current. It is basically a short circuit , and the only thing limiting that current at the moment is the capacity of the button cell. 150 ohms for a 3 volt cell will give you about 20mA through the LED.

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  • ivak245 commented on Steve Willson Kujur's instructable Build a Power Bank in $21 month ago
    Build a Power Bank in $2

    I think the exploding battery syndrome comes from shorting the positive terminal to the outer case with the iron tip. The negative (case) comes right up and very close to the positive pin, so it is easily done, especially if you have a low-wattage (less than 50w) iron and you are using pressure rather than heat to get the solder to flow. I too have soldered many, using a Scope iron as well (the big one which gets to around 100w in a few seconds, so you do all your work quickly). I touch the terminals to my bench grinder (or Dremel with a stone mounted )so you have a nice clean spot to solder to.

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  • ivak245 commented on deba168's instructable DIY Portable Mini Refrigerator10 months ago
    DIY Portable Mini Refrigerator

    That's a neat little fridge! You could make the door from 2 pieces of clear acrylic with an air gap (double insulated) to help with heat gain through the door. Also, one central hinge may not last too long , 2 smaller hinges or a piece of piano (continous) hinge. Every little bit of insulation helps. Great design & explanation!

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  • ivak245 commented on Phil B's instructable Twist Drill Sharpening Helper11 months ago
    Twist Drill Sharpening Helper

    A friend bought one of those drill sharpeners (after I told him not to waste his money) and some dead bits around for me to sharpen as he had no clue how to go about it. I could sharpen 10 by eye on my bench grinder in the time it took me to set up and grind / regrind/ regrind 1 on the useless sharpener. This jig you have shown is nifty in the way you can see an off-centre grind.I have used a scribed line at 59 degrees on the work rest of the bench grinder, just fill it with white chalk every now and then.

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