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  • j1mmy1985 commented on makendo's instructable Battery powered fog machine1 year ago
    Battery powered fog machine

    Hi DonA50You shouldn't inhale vaporised water, water is (or hopefully was) only in cheap liquids as a cheap filler ingredient, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are used to make e juice as well as food safe flavours and nicotine between 0.15 and 1.8%. vapeing is much better on my asthmatic lungs than smoking ever was but you have to give your lungs time to adapt (remember your first Analogue I bet you coughed up a lung like the rest of us), also you may have a slight allergy to ether PG or VG, PG it is the most common and high VG juice is readily available hope you don't see this as a rant haha

    you could just buy an ecig similar to his get VG or even AG (which is VG with 20% distilled water) then set it up and blow into it the vapor will come out of the airflow slots/holes and you will have a quick and easy fog effect.

    Hi LMAs little as 5-10 mins juice wise(educated guess based on the counting feature on my mod) but you are limited to 10-15 second bursts as (I belive) all regulated mods have a cut off feature for safety, unfortunately they aren't designed to be fired for long periods of time, I am an avid vaper and mostly fire for between 2-3 seconds. The biggest issue I forsee is the flow of the juice, it takes time to wick to the coil and you will end up with burnt coils long before the juice runs out, you would need to find a way to get huge juice flow and I would start with a RDTA as it will in my opinion give you the best possible juice flow to the coil. hope I have been some help. :)

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