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  • Floating Pyramid Lamp With 108 Spiritual Symbols

    Hi Barbara Davis Thompson-Wow what a trip you had in Thailand but doesn't surprise me. I'm ok, in good health and mind. Buying, repairing and selling Apple Macbooks now. Very busy doing that with my other work around here.Some like your lamp is making progress. You are a wonder doing that work at the Elephant Sanctuary. After 30 years of being a Microsoft Windows person, I'm now using a Macbook Pro. I have a picture of an elephant as the wallpaper on the desktop. We have booked a two week Princess cruise next month to New England and Canada. Tell Mike also to avoid buying a watch from those NY city street vendors.And best to you always with my love, Roger.

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  • jagrog commented on -Moon's instructable Floating Pyramid Lamp With 108 Spiritual Symbols11 months ago
    Floating Pyramid Lamp With 108 Spiritual Symbols

    Please update me Barbara. I need to hear from you.Love you, Roger

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