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  • jandemna commented on amandaghassaei's instructable Arduino Waveform Generator1 year ago
    Arduino Waveform Generator

    Thanks for posting this nice project.The saw does not work correctly; Error in code line 218. Should be if(t == 0) { And if (!t) should also work.I made the function generator with 1 button:void checkShape() { //debounce and check states of button if (digitalRead(BUTTON)==HIGH){ if (!debounce ) { debounce = millis(); //Start debounce time if (++type > 4) type = 1; //New press done, check for max state }else { unsigned long currentMillis = millis(); //Put in temp because using milles in if below does not work if ((unsigned long)(currentMillis - debounce) > DEBOUNCE_TIME ) debounce = 0; } }else debounce = 0; //if not pressed any more reset the debounce function.}I used a DueHave fun

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