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April 16, 2015
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  • janfour commented on scoochmaroo's instructable Homemade Shampoo3 months ago
    Homemade Shampoo

    I, too am a cosmetologist (retired) and I know the cancer causing chemicals that go into products. You ask why people prefer to use vinegar instead of a well-formulated ph balanced conditioner. Go to the EWG (environmental working group) website and they will explain why so many people are trying to rid their bodies of these toxic chemicals - especially their children's bodies. We are not over reacting - we are getting cancer - our children's endocrine systems are out of whack and only God knows what else these companies are doing to to us. Well, I for one am saying NO MORE. It is not "total baloney" and you don't need a chemist degree to figure out what to use to cleanse your and your children's body and hair. I hope I have planted a seed in your thought process and you will look into this.

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