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  • Driving Two Nixie Tubes With an Arduino Via a Shift Register and Two SN74141s.

    you can see if a tube is broken if it has a white color on the inside on the glass.Most of the time it means the neon gasses have escaped.But before we assume that, i guess your powersupply is not up to spec, check the datasheet of your nixie and look for the ignition or striking voltage and current.i have the ZM1000 nixies and they need 170v and a minimum of 1,5mA to ignite Place a variable resistor (i used a 50kOhm) between the anode and the powersupply and before you power it on set the resistor to the highest value. than slowly lower the resistance, use a multi-meter to check the volts and miliamps and make sure they don't exceed the max valuesPS. also check the nixie pinouts, the ZM1000 i use has 2 Anode pins and some unused pins

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  • jarb commented on osdoyi's instructable Pokemon GO: Egg Hatcher Machine1 year ago
    Pokemon GO: Egg Hatcher Machine

    This will work but only for mobile phone that have a gyroscopic can check if this works for you if you lay your phone flat on the table and turn it, your character should turn aswell.But still this is a highly inefficient way to hatch your pokemon.just install the app caffeine, it will keep your phone awake so you can just put it in your pocket and do your normal stuff and it will keep registering your movement.a little downside is that your phone battery will be drained a bit faster.

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