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Sept. 12, 2014
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  • jbeer commented on CoolRextreme's instructable The Budget DIY Electric Longboard3 months ago
    The Budget DIY Electric Longboard

    Trying to run a project like this on 18650 batteries isn't advised. while you may have the same capacity and the same voltage, the current they can output is minuscule, RC grade batteries, Turnigy for example (one of the brands I use with great success) are designed for high current outputs, being able to deliver hundreds of amps with some, whereas your batteries will be luck to put out 10 amps, trying to run them at higher amperage will cause irreversible damage, excessive overheating, and a high chance of fire. also you wouldn't be able to charge each cell in the way you are planning to (with off the shelf units) as they are designed for single cells, and require a fixed 0V ground voltage. By wiring them up in series to get the voltage required you would have a difference in ground voltages between the cells, the first has a ground of 0V, the second has a voltage of 3.7V and so on. you would need to build a custom charger, with independent grounds (not a case of taking a lead from each side of the battery, but using transformers to isolate) or wiring them up with a jst balance charger and multi cell charger designed for models, and charging them as a single battery pack. you have also failed to take into account how you plan to connect the cells you have selected, using a plastic holder with springs is prone to corrosion and vibrations, resulting in possible arcing or loss of power. you can't use normal solder, so you would either have to use specialist solder(£££), or use a spot welding machine to connect them together.Just a friendly heads up from someone with several years of experience with RC models, and 6 years as an aerospace engineer, specialising in electrical systems and design.

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