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Akin Yildiz2 months ago

thank you for following sir !

maydayzee7 months ago

Loved reading this instructable! I've always thought I'd like to do hydroponics. My husband was going to build a greenhouse between our screened-in back porch and our sunroom. He passed away before he got that done. Great way to memorialize your loved ones.

jddelta (author)  maydayzee6 months ago

Awe, I'm so sorry for your loss, too bad he was called home before he had a chance to build you one. I bet it would have been beautiful. I really enjoy mine. I am currently building a new system "Dutch Bucket" Keep checking back because I plan on submitting it also.


maydayzee jddelta6 months ago

Thank you. I'll be looking for you new project.

Jayefuu1 year ago
Looking forwards to seeing the hydroponics progress! Great greenhouse, I wish I had space for one!
jddelta (author)  Jayefuu6 months ago

Thank you for commenting. I am in the process of a new build. Called "Dutch Bucket
System" Currently building the stand for it. I will post how I built the stand pretty soon.


Jayefuu jddelta6 months ago

Nice. I've heard of that system, mhpgardener on youtube has a lot of great videos about it. You seen them?