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Jan. 13, 2015
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  • 68 Ways to Reuse Old Prescription Medicine Bottles

    What? No popsicles? They're the perfect size for small children, and as an adult I enjoy one once in a while, too. Here's the thing: the best popsicle molds are made from the prescription bottles that have a 2-piece lid. Pry the clear circular part from the inside of the larger while lock-top. It's the clear circular part you want. Make a slit in it to fit a popsicle stick or chopstick tightly. Fill empty bottle with juice, to a few cm from the top. Put stick in the slit in the top, put the whole thing onto the bottle, push the top down so it's sealed. These are easier to freeze than the larger make your own pops molds you buy, because you only need room for one little bottle here, another there. (And once they're frozen you can store them sideways, as well.) LIttle children love these.

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