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  • jefflahay commented on mxx's instructable Soda Bottle Top Fidget Toy1 year ago
    Soda Bottle Top Fidget Toy

    I suppose you don't like how he spells the word "centre" either? ;)If I need to convert I just put it in (name of favorite (or favourite) search engine here) and that works for me.

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  • jefflahay commented on kludge77's instructable Fallout 4 Bottle Openers!2 years ago
    Fallout 4 Bottle Openers!

    Here's my version. I rough cut it on a bandsaw, finished the circle shape on a belt sander and used a Dremel cone shaped bit for the crimp effect. Then drilled the recesses with a couple forstener bits and attached the washer and screw. The biggest problem was trying to get the wax paper to feed through the printer. I ended up using freezer paper. It works great. Oh, my son loved it! He was really suprised when I told him I made it. Thanks for the 'ible.

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