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  • Improve the Flavor of Coffee Using This Method

    No need for eggshells or lemon etc. Keep a jug of cold water in a kettle or non plastic jug that has stood for an hour to evaporate chlorine etc. Use this. Use Arabica fresh ground coffee, pour on water not hotter than 80C - use cooking thermometer if you need to. Boiling water makes coffee bitter.

    Make your coffee with water no hotter than 80C. A regular hit of a tablespoon of corn syrup will whammy your insulin. It is an enormous amount of sugar. Try leaving out the sugar and adding evaporated milk or fresh double cream if you can get it instead. A pot will keep for 7 to 10 days in fridge. Use mild roast Arabica coffee not Robusta beans which makes very bitter coarse flavoured coffee. Skim milk is useless as it is basically water. Or make a mocha by adding cocoa powder. Delicious.

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