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love auto bio saying: "When Nikola Tesla was told that Guglielmo Marconi had beat him to trans-Atlantic radio communication, he reportedly said "Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using 17 of my patents."

:) cheers

dschmid22 years ago


some time ago I saw a history channel documentary about a guy who built a radio with 1500 km range that fit in a briefcase and i was wondering how to build something like that... budget doesn't really matter;) I'd be very pleased if you helped me out because I have NO CLUE on radio theory... dennis.schmid99@gmail.com

jensenr30 (author)  dschmid22 years ago
Hi there dennis,
This 555 radio I built transmits less than 6 inches.
I have no idea how to build an antenna that transmits 1500 km.
Also, unless you are working with ham radio equipment in the respective ham radio bands, anything that transmits 1500 km would probably be illegal and interfere with other people's devices.

Thanks for following!
jensenr30 (author)  blinkyblinky4 years ago
yeah! no problem! keep up the good work!
PoniesSwag4 years ago
Hello! I saw your brony comment on the fire breathing pony. Sup?
jensenr30 (author)  PoniesSwag4 years ago
nothing much. awesome username btw.

Still coming down off my high from watching the season finale... that aired over 10 days ago!!!
Yup. Thx!
Bot13984 years ago
>Evil Laugh<
afleming25 years ago
im 15 and good with electronics, but not that good.

good luck
bongloard5 years ago
Going to college at 15/16 for EE? Impressive. From your 'ibles, you're going to LOVE it. Before you get too deep into your classes, apply for a Computer engineering double major as well, as early as possible. I could have walked away with a double major if I took 2 of my electives in the CE department, but the only thing stopping me is not taking the intro to CSE class that's a pre-req. Senior now so it's out the window.

Good luck!
jensenr30 (author)  bongloard5 years ago
Thank you so much for the comment! That is a really good idea; I am definitely going to look into this!

Which school did you go to?
also, are you saying that you could have taken three extra classes and had a Computer Engineering degree?
robot13985 years ago
jensenr30 (author)  robot13985 years ago
hi there. how are you today?