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I love your tutorials, Jessyratfink, saved me a couple of times from not knowing what to cook

Where do you find all these awesome ideas?

TYFKAYZ24 days ago

nice stuff :)

Great stuff here!

buck22171 month ago

Thanks for following

Thank you for subscribing. It is the fans of my work that keep me wanting to document my tinkerings. I hope you have enjoyed my instructables. Have a great day.

kwokhn21 month ago

Hey jessyratfink ! I followed you and I bookmarked your Instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sew./ How To Sew!


camisetas4 months ago

Wow, an incredible creation :P

ahmadt25 months ago

please check it out my site


goldozi,ahmad tayefeh (14).jpg
goneholidays5 months ago

awesome instructables

JM19996 months ago

Wow, after a 50 minute calculation I figured out that you have 89,135 favourites on your awesome 'ibles!

Your smallest 'ible for favourites is the Robo-egg (linked here) with only 2!

What an awesome set of instructions, keep making :D

jessyratfink (author)  JM19995 months ago

dang! you're awesome.

The robo-egg is definitely the most terrible of all my instructables so I think 2 favorites is fair there. :D

That is just the 'ibles, not even counting the collections yet!

JM19996 months ago

Just a quick thumbs up for all your great instructables! I enjoy reading your work every time. Thanks!