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you must be the number one ranking author and for good reason!

IbniH16 days ago

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Meglymoo8721 days ago

I'm honored that you've chosen to follow me! Thank you so much <3 Many blessings!

u are awesome

jessyratfink (author)  Davidecristiana29 days ago

hey, thanks! :D

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CharlineCaisse10 months ago

Where do you find all these awesome ideas?

The more you make, The more ideas you have. That's how it works for me :)

guy90 Yonatan241 month ago

I agree with Yonatan. I think that what starts as a drive to edit, modify or create something becomes something more than that. As you do more projects, you build up your overall knowledge and find ways to apply said knowledge and skills in other areas.
That passion can get a little out of hand sometimes, if you find yourself saying 'Right, I'll make one better!' every time something falls apart haha. Nout wrong with that though :-)

practice lol

hammermill4 months ago

hi. I have found the inclusion on oregano oil from Greece to work well against toe fungus

Careful it is a hot oil. Have had it work well for athletes foot

lgooms4 months ago

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azpers5 months ago

There is something really special about intelligent women, and when they are particularly beautiful, as is with Jessy, then they become extra special. This is one thing I love about being, and living in, Australia. We have lots of beautiful, intelligent women. Must be the vegemite!

swathil6 months ago

Your Chili mac recipe, was good, we loved it!!!!!!!!!!1

klinong6 months ago

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