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    Oh my cuteness! What a gorgeous new profile pic, love it! Love your earrings too! :)

    XaqFixx10 days ago

    Thanks for the follow - really dig some of your 'ibles

    Triclaw11 days ago

    hey thanks for following I have a lot more fun stuff in the works

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    Thanks for following .!

    You are being followed........ \o

    I LOVE your instructables and how you're always so creative! I hope you will take the time to check out my new instructable and vote for it! Thanks :)

    Good stuff here! Had to join to follow you.

    Eldalote1 month ago

    Thank you for following me!

    Darthorso1 month ago

    Followed! You're truly great jessy! :D

    Hope you'll my recipe and vote for me in BBQ contest :)

    *you'll like

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    Thank you for following me :)

    dragonslug2 months ago

    thanks for following me. I appreciate it and even more so from someone who has such good 'ibles

    Hey, you forgot this for the Instructables Robot collection on the front page: Need to think of something new for this new contest. Have a great day.

    jessyratfink (author)  craftknowitall2 months ago

    Yay! Thank you! It was so hard to find all of them. It's been added! :D

    Jan_Henrik2 months ago