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camisetas2 months ago

Wow, an incredible creation :P

ahmadt22 months ago

please check it out my site

goldozi,ahmad tayefeh (14).jpg
goneholidays3 months ago

awesome instructables

JM19993 months ago

Wow, after a 50 minute calculation I figured out that you have 89,135 favourites on your awesome 'ibles!

Your smallest 'ible for favourites is the Robo-egg (linked here) with only 2!

What an awesome set of instructions, keep making :D

jessyratfink (author)  JM19993 months ago

dang! you're awesome.

The robo-egg is definitely the most terrible of all my instructables so I think 2 favorites is fair there. :D

That is just the 'ibles, not even counting the collections yet!

JM19993 months ago

Just a quick thumbs up for all your great instructables! I enjoy reading your work every time. Thanks!

PowellMade4 months ago

Hey jessy your house must be full of tools for making everything. You must also be constantly making something. Good to see all your hard work up so inspiring. I read your instructable on choosing a title , its great. Thanks for the tips.

AbdulhaqI4 months ago

Hy you aare more nice then ur Inventions


BorisB25 months ago

Awesome lady ... on the wrong coast ... too bad for me :(

evilW5 months ago

Very nice People.. :)

Elusiverick6 months ago

You teach this 62year old 'old Dog' new tricks. I don't follow many but You I learn from, Thank you.

jessyinstruc6 months ago

The Gumball machine costume is really great, I tried it for Halloween :)