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Bravo for recipies

your instructables are awesome

Where do you find all these awesome ideas?

practice lol

I love your tutorials, Jessyratfink, saved me a couple of times from not knowing what to cook

TYFKAYZ3 months ago

nice stuff :)

BartholomewH3 months ago

Great stuff here!

buck22173 months ago

Thanks for following

MoTinkerGNome3 months ago

Thank you for subscribing. It is the fans of my work that keep me wanting to document my tinkerings. I hope you have enjoyed my instructables. Have a great day.

kwokhn24 months ago

Hey jessyratfink ! I followed you and I bookmarked your Instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sew./ How To Sew!


camisetas6 months ago

Wow, an incredible creation :P

ahmadt27 months ago

please check it out my site


goldozi,ahmad tayefeh (14).jpg
goneholidays7 months ago

awesome instructables

JM19998 months ago

Wow, after a 50 minute calculation I figured out that you have 89,135 favourites on your awesome 'ibles!

Your smallest 'ible for favourites is the Robo-egg (linked here) with only 2!

What an awesome set of instructions, keep making :D

jessyratfink (author)  JM19998 months ago

dang! you're awesome.

The robo-egg is definitely the most terrible of all my instructables so I think 2 favorites is fair there. :D