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  • jhancock7 commented on DaveJ12's instructable No Drowning, Hive-Top Feeder2 years ago
    No Drowning, Hive-Top Feeder

    I made this for my Langstroth cedar hive, just installed a few days ago with a new package of bees. I started with a shallow super cedar box that was ordered from Then I dadoed and added the wax and screens. The wax took a few tries because I had a bubble in one corner, and had to fix it by scraping the corner out completely and then sealing it properly. After hiving my bees, I notice some bees are drowning and that they are flying their way into the syrup. I'm thinking to move the outer screen so there is less space to fly and float away from the ladder screen, and they would be forced to land and walk down the screen.

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