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  • jimdkc commented on mecanicafina's instructable Safe Capacitor Discharge Tool1 month ago
    Safe Capacitor Discharge Tool

    Agree. I would encapsulate all the exposed wiring in a blob of silicone sealant.

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  • jimdkc commented on randofo's instructable DIY Guitar Pedal3 months ago
    DIY Guitar Pedal

    I like those dial plates! It's worth noting, if you want to build other projects to match this, that they are less expensive the more you buyYou get 2 for $4.34 ($2.17 each, the link you provided)Or... you can get 5 for $6.44 ($1.29 each) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0147XRJ0OOr... you can get 10 for $8.41 (84¢ each) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0147XDQQA

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  • jimdkc commented on pandyaketan's instructable LED on AC Mains5 months ago
    LED on AC Mains

    You do need the diode because an LED can only tolerate about 5-6 volts of reverse voltage.

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  • jimdkc commented on Nikus's instructable 555 Useless Machine6 months ago
    555 Useless Machine

    No. You need to either use a DC gear motor or remove the servo control board and wire directly to the motor. Also, the servo should be a continuous rotation type.

    Yes! Absolutely! The 555 is a great chip to have in your arsenal! No better way to learn it than to actually use it!

    Yes, an Arduino is overkill for this project. But, so is a 555 timer.

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  • Make a woodshop pre-filter (aka cyclone) for $8

    If you have a Firehouse Subs near you, they sell their bright red 5-gallon pickle buckets for $2 each. Proceeds go to provide life-saving equipment and resources for firefighters, police, and EMTs. The buckets do smell like pickles, but that shouldn't matter for this use! Good sandwiches, too!

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  • jimdkc commented on amandaggogo's instructable Zipper Face Tutorial Redux9 months ago
    Zipper Face Tutorial Redux

    A Zipperface is always a fun costume to do!

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  • jimdkc commented on MakeStuff_MS's instructable DIY mini Amplifier using TDA282210 months ago
    DIY mini Amplifier using TDA2822

    OK... I see from the datasheet of a TDA2822 that this is a correct bridge configuration. Normally for a bridged amp, you have to drive both inputs. Apparently this amp chip takes care of that internally.

    Well... it could be a bridged amplifier... except the input of one of the amps is grounded, so only 1 amp in the chip is active! To make it a bridged amp, you'd have to unground pin 6 and feed an inverted copy of the input signal to pin 6.The way this amp is designed, half of the amp chip is wasted.

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