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Aug. 23, 2009
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  • jimmiek commented on jmengel's instructable Electric Brewery Control Panel on the Cheap7 months ago
    Electric Brewery Control Panel on the Cheap

    Just to let you know, some of us are not engineers! ;), some of us are electronix illiterates! .... So what does it mean here? "Lastlywe shunt the 12VDC trace to the output lugs so that we can accessthis signal outside of the housing. We then wire the output terminalson the PID to the SSR as if the PID was always SSR compatible." It's a foreign language to me, although I'd like to be able to understand what you're getting at. Is there a possibility that a PID and SSR are available that I could use instead of trying to do something I know absolutely nothing about?I would just like to build a simple control box with a couple of switched 20A outlets, and a switched 240v 4500W temperature controlled heating element for the HLT. The reason I want everything switched is in case of a malfunction - such as a hose slipping off the barb and spraying hot water all over creation!Thanks.

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