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  • jimofoz commented on Josehf Murchison's instructable Rebuilding Keyed Drill Chucks17 hours ago
    Rebuilding Keyed Drill Chucks

    It doesn't really remove rust unless you use some kind of abrasive with it. It mostly best for old caked on oil and grime and general dirt.

    Not really. It mostly for caked on dirt, old oil, grease and grime. I use it with a brush-old toothbrush, kitchen brush, etc.

    Sorry, it was "simple green." It's a non-toxic cleaner/degreaser. I buy it by the gallon and dilute it in spray bottles or for washing. I use it to clean bicycle chains, tools, plastics, countertops; great for getting pitch off of circular saw blades etc. After cleaning I rinse with very hot water so the metal will dry and then follow up with appropriate lube for whatever I've cleaned. I've been using it for years.

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  • jimofoz commented on Josehf Murchison's instructable Rebuilding Keyed Drill Chucks1 day ago
    Rebuilding Keyed Drill Chucks

    Nice info. If you have a "gritty" feeling chuck, instead of disassembling it, you might want to try cleaning it first. I use very hot water with Simply Green cleaner and WD-40 to flush out the grit. Then some 3in1 oil to lube it after it's dried off.

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  • jimofoz commented on Itsatrav's instructable Hex Nut D61 month ago
    Hex Nut D6

    Very cool idea. Nicely done. I'd use a Sharpie pen to color in the dots for some contrast. Another idea is that they make a long threaded hex connector that might work, but I think your idea of separate nuts looks better.

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  • jimofoz completed the lesson Welcome to Bread in the class Bread Class2 months ago
  • jimofoz commented on ChristianHH's instructable Handcrafted Leather Messenger Bag3 months ago
    Handcrafted Leather Messenger Bag

    Very nice and very professional looking. You give all the steps, but the details that make it so appealing are months of experience in the learning. Good job.

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  • jimofoz commented on Tuan_Hoang's instructable Weapons from nail and scrap metal4 months ago
    Weapons from nail and scrap metal

    Very nice work. If it wasn't for your hand in the pictures, I would've thought they were full size. I'm impressed.

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  • jimofoz commented on happydupa's instructable Inexpensive garage lights from LED strips6 months ago
    Inexpensive garage lights from LED strips

    Pretty cool - I'm thinking up upgrading to LEDs in my shop. BTW, if you use lamp cord for wiring and it's not color coded, look closely and you'll find one wire has a ridge and one is smooth. That way you can tell which to hook to plus and which to negative. It's probably obvious, but it was quite awhile until I noticed it.

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  • mini circular bench saw from scrap [UPDATED]

    Great project. Nice and simple. Caution: reading this comment may cause eyestrain; getting too close to computer screen may flatten nose and stain screen; thinking about how to use this may give you a headache; don't forget to breathe while scrolling this message; make sure to move away from the computer at least once a day to eat and drink or death may occur within a week; don't walk in front of speeding trucks; eat your greens; razor blades may be sharp and hurt you.

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  • Cleaning Rust Off of Tools Without Harsh Chemicals

    My cans don't last that long. A person could write an instructable about the uses of paste wax; I coat my table and band saw tables with it, on my wood planes and other tools, use to lube wooden wheels and other moving parts on toys, as a final finish over lacquer, etc.

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