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Jan. 22, 2013
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  • Arduino is Slow - and how to fix it!

    When I'm talking about PIND = _BV(PD7) code, the PIND is usually used to read the port, but if the pin is an OUTPUT pin it will flip it on a write. Typo... thanks

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  • Build your own Variable Lab Bench Power Supply

    N8DAH de KA7CMF bkMost of the boards today are very complex and are multi layered. I worked for a manufacturer here and they spent over a 1/2 million for a machine to do the remove and install on our boards which had 6 layers. All of us were very good at soldering, but none of us could change out a chip without damage. This was twenty + years ago, now it's norm in mainstream electronics. I'm sure many of the problems on this are directly related to too much heat or mechanical energy, incorrectly applied. Think of a iPhone, do you think you could solder and unsolder stuff on it. It's the normal today. The best tip, if you can, is to use a solder wick, put electrical flux on it (the wick) and heat as little as possible as quick as possible. Don't use short touches with the iron, as you will overheat it. These surface mounts make it even worse, as you used to be able to clip a heat sink or something on the legs. You touch anything today, it might not survive even the slightest modification. You pay your money and take your chances....73'sJack

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  • How to use 2.4 inch TFT LCD SPFD5408 with Arduino Uno and Mega

    Thanks so much. I have just gotten a pair of UNO's and a display. Just curious as I've not found mention of the sd card on the display. Is it like the others I've seen where you can only use if for program data storage or something...Thanks Very much.....JackArizona

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