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May 10, 2013
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  • Starlyte commented on jlana's instructable Make your Shower Handicapped Accessible1 month ago
    Make your Shower Handicapped Accessible

    Thank you. Apart from the practical side, I love the mosaic and wall tile match. But one question, why not have all the bathroom floor at one level, for easier cleaning, with the evac water to take the water from the shower and the floor washing?I'm thinking of doing that, which will make parquet impossible in the bathroom, as it doesn't like being soaked with too much water, but I need a shower (no one's getting younger, and no-way am I moving again!), and a single evacuation for shower and floor washing is one option. The other being a raised, separate shower and wood parquet in the rest. I'm between the 2. Walls come first, so I have time, but I'd like to know why you did your shower that way, if you have time...

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  • chantie3 followed jlana1 month ago
  • Water Valve Light Switch for a Pipe Lamp

    Nope, it must connect to to the black wire (hot).

    The switch wires always connect to the black wire (hot) in a lamp wire. If the wires are the same color you can identify it by touching them. White is smooth, black is ribbed.

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