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May 2, 2009
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  • jlsmoothash2o commented on JackmanWorks's instructable Plywood (end Grain) Drone Box1 month ago
    Plywood (end Grain) Drone Box

    nice job I think I will make one of these for my cameras

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  • Solar Cooked Wild Mackerel on the Rocks

    No votes for meI thought this was going to teach us how to make a solar cooker. Not how to catch a fish. And cook it with some $300 item. If I wanted to do that I would bring a small propane grill.

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  • A Guide for Buying LED's on E Bay ---- Part TWO

    yep I sell theses at Home Depot for just under $11I also sell a 12 pack for just under $40

    So I work at Home Depot in the electrical department and sell LED lights every day I was expecting a different type of artical out of this with some really useful information. I even read your first artical and did not see the really useful information that everyone need The big 5 points when buying a light you need to know are1 - How many lumens does it produce. The measure of a lumen is a static value and one lumen is about the same amount of light that a 1 wick plan was candle will produce A good reffence is350-500 is about 40w incandescent 500-850 is 60w900-1000 is 75w1100 to 1500 is 95w flood light1600 - 1800 is 100w2 - how many hours does the led last for. There are some that will last 50k hours which on an avg use of 3h a day will last you 22 years some are shorter around 30k which is about 13 years 3 - color. Color is measured in degrees of kelvin 2700 is the same as an incandescent where 5000 is about the same color as the sun light coming into your house when your window blinds are open. Most women like using the 5000k lights in the bathroom. Because their makeup will look the same in the office, outside, or in a store as all of these places have the just about 5000k light. The 5000k light is also called daylight on the package. The 2700k light is called softwhite. I suggest not putting daylight in your bedrooms as that light will wake you up when you are trying to go to bed. 4 - power use. We want to save money right. Well look at how much power each led uses. Most LEDs use about 10% of what an incandescent uses. Which in return means they produce only 10% of the heat. In the summer time this is great because this means your AC unit will not have to cool down the heat your lights are making.5 - base size in the USA we have 3 standard base sizes. But there are many more around the world so when buying your lights on eBay make sure you are getting a the right base size.I hopes this helps you all out more then this artical did.

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