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Nov. 16, 2008
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  • Simple, easy and cheap wireless presenter

    Thanks buddy! Yeah, it was def getting a little cluttered. That helped a lot! Much appreciated.

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  • Simple, easy and cheap wireless presenter

    Eeesh... So here's what I ended up doing. I added the releaseAll() function like you mentioned, and that fixed the continuously typing issue. After that, I used the first sketch to receive several of the codes each button (since they were constantly changing/rolling), pasted all of those into an Excel doc, grouped the codes together for each (to find patterns), and then assigned those multiple instances to their respective text strings/button commands I wanted. I can't recall if I mentioned this, but if I held down any of the buttons, the code would repeat the same value: "4294967295" over and over gain. I ended up just deleting out any instances of it. IDEALLY, I would make it so that if it recognizes that value after a code that it just keeps repeating itself until it's released... but... I'll maybe save that for a future revision. It was a decent amount of work (and unfortunately not having the accuracy I was hoping for), though still works "okay" now (maybe 70% of the time).If you want to check it out, here's a link to the new code I created: http://pastebin.com/cRkxWai6Thanks!

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  • Simple, easy and cheap wireless presenter

    Thank you for the reply! I certainly appreciate your help with this. So, I sort of figured it out for the most part. I ended up following the pin layout from this video: ...which goes NEGATIVE | VCC | SIGNAL. Also, I believe one of the contacts had been damaged on the board I was using, so I switched out the board to a new one, and then I was able to start receiving data through Serial Monitor- which was AWESOME. When I pressed my remote, I wasn't getting a consistent HEX value though, but more like a rolling code. You know what I mean? That being the case, I took the value that appeared more frequently than the others, and converted it to its decimal value, and inserted it into your keyboard Sketch. So, it's working, BUT, I do have a question. Do you ever have a problem where the value repeats itself over and over until a new button is pressed? That's what's happening on my end. I will press the button I have programmed to move the keyboard cursor left, let's say, but it just keeps going left and won't stop until I press a different button. Have you had that happen?Thanks again!!

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  • Simple, easy and cheap wireless presenter

    Sorry- don't think that link works, but here is the image to the circuitboard.

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  • jmsiefer commented on TobiasPl's instructable Mini Pi-Powered Arcade Machine7 months ago
    Mini Pi-Powered Arcade Machine

    NIIIICE! Want to try this out badly, but for some reason Corel Draw (ver. X3) is giving me guff. Any chance you can add an additional format? WMF always seems to work without issue, but I'm open to whatever. Just not a huge fan of upgrading if I don't have to. Thank you so much!

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  • jmsiefer commented on dnicky2288's instructable Arduino-Pneumatic Flight Simulator7 months ago
    Arduino-Pneumatic Flight Simulator

    Awesome project! I do apologize, as I'm sure you get asked this frequently, however I was curious if you might have a repository for your Arduino Joystick application. I'm looking to create something similar program, but for a USB Relay Module: http://goo.gl/Ej7RKh Any help would be GREATLY apprecaited. Thank you so much!

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