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Nov. 13, 2015
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  • jodyisms commented on SPECTREcat's instructable Hidden bookcase doors to secret lair4 months ago
    Hidden bookcase doors to secret lair

    I love this project! I've been wanting to do this for some time now but wasn't sure how to go about it without purchasing a kit. But your instructions are great & seem easy to follow. I have 2 existing bookcases I want to use for this project & your instructions seem perfectly suited to doing just that. I'm not sure (you don't really state it clearly in your instructions) but it looks you used a separate smaller piece of wood as the door then attached the back of the bookcase to that. Is that correct? It seems to be in your instructions and in the photo of the back of the bookcases but the extra wood doesn't seem to be listed on your materials list either which is why I'm a bit confused. Could you please clarify that for me? And if you have any other suggestions for using existing bookcases I would welcome them gladly - I'm very much an amateur so I will be relying heavily on your instructions.

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